PoeticMoment: To have a moment of clarity shared through poetic expression.

PoeticMoment started performing Spoken Word at the young age of 14. She discovered her gift of writing in a rhythmic pattern matched with the ability to instantly recall written word and put them to use on the stage. Her poems are often viewed as raw and uncut approaches to topics many overlook. She has been cited as saying that every story told is hers and comes from a place of vulnerability that is only experienced through performance. She has headlined many events including UNPLUGDLA, On The List, Fly Poet, and Hope is the Chorus. She has also toured throughout college campuses including Cal State Fullerton, Pomona College, University of California Riverside, and University of California Los Angeles. In the past, she sponsored a Poetry Production called The Underground which included artists from all over the Southern California area and received much acclaim. She has used her talents both through poetry as well as through acting by leading theater productions like Blackballin' and Bearing Our Soles.  She can be seen regularly, once a month at Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles, California. She was the GRAND SLAM 2017 Champion of Los Angeles, California. At the 2017 National Poetry Slam she was apart of Da Poetry Lounge's Slam Team and the team went on to place 4th in the world. She was July 2018’s Head to Head Slam Champion in Los Angeles and she and her team placed 3rd in the U.S. at 2018’s SouthernFried Poetry Slam. More recently she has worked with BESE for the “State of Mind” series and curated the Unity Poetry Night shows as well as placed 3rd in The 2019 Long Beach Poetry Slam.